Friends of the School (Parents and Local Community)

Every parent of our school automatically becomes a ‘Friend of St Buryan Academy Primary School’ and we actively encourage members of the local community to become involved in our fundraising activities too. The 'Friends' was formed to help fundraise and put the 'fun' into 'fundraising'.

The aim of the 'Friends' is to fundraise throughout the school year and help provide much needed learning resources to all classes and help fund learning experiences for every child. Our remit is to raise funds for the school then use monies raised as quickly as possible. Recent examples of such provision include a new interactive LCD classroom screen, maths equipment, a set of up-to-date atlases, 50 new books requested for the library and last term's hilariously funny 'Very Christmassy Christmas Show', performed by Squashbox Theatre and enjoyed by the whole school as a reward for their amazing class Christmas performances. Our well attended Carvery and Auction Evening raised over £3,000 and helped us refurbish our school Library.  
Our very successful 'Christmas Tea at the Academy' is yet another example of how we can raise funds for the school whilst reaching out to the community and providing a great event for all.
Next on our annual 'to do' list will be to consider our annual Summer Fete. Should you feel that you may be able to contribute please feel free to contact us through the school; all offers of help and further fundraising ideas would be most welcome!
Chairperson- Anna Jenkin
Secretary- Emily Swerdlow
Treasurer- Catherine Bolitho