Welcome to Gwenver Class

Welcome to Year 2. We have 9 creative, clever, funny, kind and caring children in our year group. 
 Our topic for the next few weeks before Easter , is focusing on inspirational people and asking ourselves "What is my why?". 
Our first inspirational person is Capt Sir Tom Moore.
We will be focusing on Sir Tom's incredible and admirable life , and his recent work for charity. We will see if we can complete challenges of our own 100 - can we do 100 laps of the playground, or 100 hula hoops? Can we throw a bean bag to one another 100 times without dropping it ?
We will be looking at the inspiring quotes from Sir Tom's books , and asking ourselves why these are important. We will spend time thinking of our own inspirational and motivational quotes and display these around the school. 
We will look at the amazing work that Sir Tom did in the World War, and why he was given so many medals . The children will focus on the question " What am I proud of " and give each other a medal to celebrate their achievements. 
In maths this week we will be looking at and revisiting place value . There are lots of challenges and activities to complete to help the children as they revisit this important focus. 
We will be celebrating reading on Tuesday 9th March with our World Book Day activities . The children will have the chance to focus on Oliver Jeffers book "Here we are". They will have the opportunity to re design the front cover of this book and then discuss what advice they would give to a baby. 
I am so happy to welcome your children back into school! Here's to a fantastic week!
  • Mrs Rebecca Morrall

    Class Teacher Year 2

    Welcome to Gwenver Class.

    I am the class teacher for year 2.
    We will also be joined by our wonderful teaching assistant Mrs Hosken.

    I am thrilled to be Gwenver class teacher . We have an exciting year ahead; with lots of engaging and immersive activities planned for the coming year.

    Our class is made up of nine , fantastic children. I feel very lucky to be able to spend my days with them .

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