Welcome to Gwenver Class

Welcome to year 1 and 2 !
 Our topic this term is Dinosaur Planet. We have been looking at how dinosaurs lived, where they lived and how we know they existed.
In maths we are looking at shape and money as well as daily fluency lessons in addition, multiplication , subtraction and division. We use number lines, 100 squares and part whole models to assist our understanding.  We use games and songs to support our knowledge and learning. 
Phonics is still an important part of our daily routine. We have a phonics session each morning after our maths. 
In Gwenver class we aim to provide all children with a wealth of enjoyable , meaningful learning experiences that will allow each child to flourish and grow. 
In Gwenver class we recognise children's interests and create an environment that will foster their love of learning. 
Our children are at the heart of everything that we do. Their wellbeing is paramount to their learning. 
We are keen to create a love of writing and reading for pleasure.
In our classroom we have a castle themed reading corner that the children have access to during the school day: filled with exciting story books.  
  • Mrs Rebecca Morrall

    Class Teacher Year 1 and 2

    Welcome to Gwenver Class.

    I am the class teacher for year 2.
    We will also be joined by our wonderful teaching assistant Mrs Clemence

    I am thrilled to be Gwenver class teacher . We have an exciting year ahead; with lots of engaging and immersive activities planned for the coming year.

    Our class is made up of seventeen , fantastic children. I feel very lucky to be able to spend my days with them .

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