Welcome to Gwenver Class

Gwenver class is a mixed class comprising of 24 children. Pupils are taught by Mrs Cross on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs King on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In addition, they are joined by three brilliant teaching assistants; Mrs Wyatt, Mrs Butterfield and Mrs Ginty. Learning in Gwenver class is inspired by topics that engage and enthuse children across all curriculum subjects.
Autumn Term 2 2016
'Let's Celebrate!' is our topic for the second half of the term where pupils will be exploring celebrations that happen in our own families, communities and beyond. They will be considering aspects of celebrations including parties.
We will start with exploring what pupils already know about birthday parties and then we will explore birthday traditions in this country. They will then find out how other people in different parts of the world celebrate birthdays.
SpringTerm 2017 first half

We would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and look forward to an exciting term ahead.  Our topic for this half term is 'Posting  and Places', we will focus on writing and receiving letters from around the world and learn about the worlds continents. We will be studying the similarities and differences between our home and a contrasting area- the Arctic.

If any parents have anything they would like to share or show the class we would love to hear about your travels.

Things to remember:

Spring Term - 2nd Half

To The Rescue

This Unit helps pupils to develop an understanding of the rescue services, with particular reference to rescue at sea and how modern services have been developed from their early beginnings. The famous rescue by Grace Darling and her father will be considered and compared with modern systems. Pupils will make a role-play lifeboat station in their classroom to enhance their learning.


Pupils will talk about accessing rescue services and learn how to make emergency calls. 


The Unit also focuses strongly on poetry and art based on the sea and seashore.
Summer Term 2nd Half
Animal Allsorts

In this Unit, the pupils are challenged to create an exciting, engaging vet surgery. This will enable them to be able to identify and name different animals, their eating habits and be able to describe and compare the structure of animals.


They will be writing information texts about animals. They will also design a leaflet for new pet owners and write ‘Lost’ posters.


Most of their knowledge will come from their science lessons, where they will be learning to identify different animals and sort them into different criteria.


The pupils will be commissioned to create sculptures to decorate the classroom, thinking about the animal’s features, and in design and technology, they will be making animal hand puppets.


Parent Support

·     Talking about any pets at home – how we care for them, their diet

·     Parents could also talk to their child about the types of pets that it would be unsuitable to have in their home – and the reasons for that.

·     Parents could spend some time either looking at books with animals in or watching a wildlife programme on TV and encouraging their child to identify animals and talk about their homes/habitats

·     Parents could discuss the work of the RSPCA with their child and why we need organisations like this.

Year 1 & 2 Camp
Thursday 29th June - Dairyland followed by an over night camp at St Ives Bay Holiday Park in Hayle.
Friday 30th June - return to school in time for a school lunch, usual dismissal time.