Welcome to Gwenver Class

Gwenver class is a mixed class comprising of 23 children. Pupils are taught by Mrs Cross on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs King on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In addition, they are joined by two brilliant teaching assistants; Mrs Butterfield and Mrs Ginty. Learning in Gwenver class is inspired by topics that engage and enthuse children across all curriculum subjects.
Spring Term 1 2018
Our topic this half term is 'Blown Away'.
In this topic, pupils will have the opportunity to explore the world around them, particularly in relation to weather patterns both locally and globally.
Through this topic, pupils will gain an understanding of the natural world, comparing hot and cold regions of the world as well as viewing their own environment through their study of wind and clouds.
Pupils will have the opportunity to develop the scientific skills of gathering and recording data and to make comparisons.  They will use simple fieldwork to observe and record the geography of their local environment and will use their understanding of their world and the environments of others to design and make products that are fit for purpose
Reading, Homework and Timetable:

P.E. will be on a Monday and Wednesday so pupils will need their P.E kits on those days, and swimming will continue on Fridays.
Spelling tests will be on a Tuesday, please remember to practise your spelling list each week.
Keep reading as often as possible at home, every day is fantastic but we would like to see a minimum of four signed entries in their reading record each week.
Reading with an adult is very beneficial as they can discuss tricky words, hidden meanings and simply share in the delight of a good story! We try our best to send home a 'Take Home' with each book, this is to give you a guide as to what sort of questions you could be asking your child.

We will set pupils in Year 2 homework on a Friday, to be returned by Thursday. If your child hasn't had their homework checked, then this is because they didn't hand their book in. This shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.
Your child needs to have a named water bottle in school every day. We ask that the children only drink water in school.
Over the next few weeks, we would like the children to produce posters, stories, newspaper articles, poems, songs, raps etc linked to our topic 'Blown Away'. Please watch weather forecasts and discuss what symbols mean. 
They also need to learn their 2, 5 & 10 times tables. They will need to recall the answer within a few seconds and in any order.