Welcome to our lively Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 classroom.
The adults in our class are:

Mrs Natasha Cross- Teacher (Mondays, Tuesdays)
Mrs Joanna Kwiatkowska - Teacher (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays) 
Mrs Emma Forrest - Teaching Assistant (AM)
Mrs Katrina Hosking  - Teaching Assistant (PM Mon-Wed)

Mrs Julie Ginty  - Teaching Assistant (PM Thur- Fri)

We are using Google Classroom as an effective communication tool, with lessons for your child to access at home in case of future school closures or if your child is absent from school.

If you are not logged on to it please do so by using the access code tbs2uax  to join click HERE 

If you need help with setting this up on your device you may use this link



Autumn Term - 1st half term

Our topic this half term is Memory Box.

Can you remember being small? Being a baby and learning to crawl? Do you recall a favourite toy, maybe a teddy bear or a favourite book? Look back at family photos of special occasions, perhaps holiday snapshots or a birthday or two. Remember a wedding or a christening and find a funny photo of your parents when they were young. Learn how to write a diary of days gone by and find out about the days before you were born: it’s called history and it’s all about the past. Then make a special box, a memory box, to keep special things safe. In years to come, you can revisit them and remember how you looked when you were young. Memories are special. Let’s make some more.

Autumn Term - 2nd half term

Our topic this half term is Splendid Skies.

Imagine floating high above land and sea on a bed of clouds, silently sweeping by on a billowing breeze. Back down to earth, let’s take a walk outdoors. But what should we wear? Wellington boots? A sun hat? Maybe a warm coat? How do we know what the weather will be like today? Read and write poems and postcards, and, if you don’t like today’s weather report, why not write your own? Make a weather station to find out more about the weather in your area. What weather do you prefer? Sunshine, snow, storms or showers? Get your wellies on and let’s go.

Welcome To Our School
We are looking forward to getting to know your children and helping them settle into full-time education. We deliver a curriculum that is immersed in play-based pedagogy with lots of hands-on activities. 
Our class starts school at 8.55- please drop your child off by the side gate where a member of staff will greet them. We realise that it might be hard for our youngest children to leave you so will do our best to assist in an appropriate manner to make this transition as easy as we can. 
End of the day collection is at the same side gate and we ask that you arrive promptly at 3.10 to collect your child and avoid crowding the area, so it is ready for our older children to leave school in a safe way. 
On Mondays and Wednesdays our class has PE lessons and we ask that your child wears their PE kit (in line with our school Covid compliance guidelines). 
Please make sure all of your child's school uniform is clearly labeled
Please remember to use
Teach Your Monster to Read games
to reinforce learning of phonics.