Intent, Implementation, Impact

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 Our curriculum is driven by the needs of the children of St Buryan Academy and preparing them for lifelong learning. St Buryan Academy’s curriculum is full of exciting, meaningful learning contexts which promotes ambitious, independent learners. We believe in a global curriculum and providing our children with the skill-set they need to set - and reach - the high aspirations that they set for themselves.

Not only does the curriculum at St Buryan Academy fulfill the requirements of the National Curriculum, but it goes beyond the experiences of the classroom to ensure that all children have access to the richest, broadest, most engaging and meaningful learning opportunities that we can provide.

We believe that all children should not only have access to all that the National Curriculum offers, but also explore and develop skills that enhance their resilience, courage, confidence, creativity and curiosity.

Our objective is to give children the building blocks to become positive local and global citizens that have the belief that they can achieve the highest aspirations. This will be done through promoting the values of Leading Edge Academy Partnership: The 6 Es (Ethical, Excellence, Equity, Empathy, Evolution and Endurance).