Whole School Curriculum Plans

Click the document to view our whole school curriculum plan.
We devise our own curriculum that ensures all children not only meet all of the expected coverage as outlined in the National Curriculum, but have access to a much wider curriculum that is tailored to their needs, our locality and is designed to give them unique opportunities, inspiring them to go 'beyond the curriculum' and be highly ambitious.
With mixed-age year groups, curriculum design can be challenging; however, we are passionate and proud of the curriculum we offer at St Buryan Academy, which you can view below.
Our curriculum is driven by high quality texts, each learning context (or topic) has carefully selected texts to supplement learning.  Every term children explore a new learning context, which is inspired by an essential question that guides children's own lines of enquiry.
Our 'essential texts' support and inspire learning.  On our curriculum overview, you can see what texts children will be covering to deepen their knowledge and understanding of each termly learning context.
Foundation Subject Coverage
Below you can find the subject coverage for our foundation subjects and progression through the school.
Science Coverage
Here you can see what is taught in each year group at St Buryan Academy and how the teaching and learning in science progresses through the school.
English Coverage
Each document will tell you what is taught within English at each year group and how this progresses throughout the school.
Forest School
Mrs Wilson and Mrs Rendle are our Forest School leaders; they're well qualified in Forest School and are both passionate about ensuring all of our children have high quality forest school opportunities throughout the year and learn new skills that they can apply to their learning and life in general - as well as learn lots about themselves, each other and nature.
Over lockdown during COVID 19 we began to bring our Forest School on-site and started to develop our own garden and forest school area: Anita's Garden.  
Here you can find a fire pit, pond, our own mini-Minack amphitheatre, vegetable patches, mini-wildflower meadow and a variety of trees being grown.  We have developed it all ourselves with the help of our children, so it is a real legacy project for them.
Every class carries out Forest School sessions for half a term each on rotation and at the end of the year we group our children in their house teams so they can experience Forest School with children in different classes throughout the school. 
Our Forest School progression can be found below, however these sessions are child-led and often fluid in choice or can change to suit the needs of the children.
If you want to know more about our forest school provision, visit the page dedicated to it or click here:  Forest School at St Buryan Academy.