St Buryan Academy School Uniform

Our uniform promotes equality for all our pupils and ensures that fashion is not a distraction. Uniform Policies have been proven to promote team-building and increase positive attitudes to learning and achievement. As a school we strongly believe in traditional values, good manners and a willingness to learn and try new things.

UNIFORM: School tie (available from school); grey or black trousers (not jogging bottoms or denim jeans) or skirt, plain white shirt or blouse with collar (not polo shirt), royal blue jumper, fleece, sweatshirt or cardigan, blazer for Years 5 and 6 only (all available from www.https://myclothing.com/st-buryan-academy/8347.school), black school shoes (not trainers ), well fitting with closed toes and backs to reduce the risk of accident or injury.

Winter Uniform: to be worn during Autumn Term (from after Autumn half term at the latest)- through Spring Term until Summer Term begins (i.e. after Easter holiday)


Summer Uniform: Summer dresses may be worn.
Red polo shirts may be worn as an alternative to white shirt and tie. Fitted sandals may be worn (no crocs, flip flops or unsupported sandals which prove dangerous in the playground situation).

*Please note that blue and white polo shirts are being phased out.  Children who currently own blue or white polo shirts may continue to wear them.

SPORTS KIT: White T-shirt (available from Tesco with logo), black shorts, plimsoles/ trainers

FRIDAY ALTERNATIVE (swimming days only): Jogging bottoms, trainers, red or white polo shirt

Jewellery: Due to health and safety regulations bracelets, necklaces and hanging earrings should not be worn.  Small stud earrings may be worn, but must be removed or covered for PE and swimming lessons.



We believe high standards of uniform contribute to the ethos of the academy. We take great pride in the appearance of our learners and expect parents and standards to fully comply with the academy's uniform expectations.

Hair must not be cut shorter than Grade 2 and must not have patterns, shapes or be dyed with bright colours. If in doubt, check with the Head of School before having a cut-treatment.

Any hairstyle or dress which, in the view of the Head of School or his authorised representative, may  cause excessive comment or distress, will not be allowed, to help prevent bullying and support community cohesion. In all cases shaved heads, except for medical reasons required by a medical doctor, are not permitted. It is the judgement call of the headteacher if a haircut is deemed unsuitable.

Parents should be aware that, in signing the academy's 'Working in Partnership' (Home School Agreement) they are agreeing to comply with the above expectations.