Useful websites

Here you can find some useful websites to aid your child's learning:

Reading (I think only free for two weeks?) (nursery rhymes and songs for EYFS children) (book openings and FREE audiobooks – great for KS2) (online reading of levelled books) (younger children can follow along and be read to) (EYFS/KS1) (stories read by actors)



Phonics (one of the best resources – videos – also Mr Thorne apps for phonics and reading for older kids) ) (online phonics games) (activities and phonics games – info for parents too – all access FREE during the corona period)) (guide for parents, including audio on how to say the sounds correctly) (games and activities - phonics and HFW)



Literacy general (range of literacy activities for all age groups) (lots of grammar lessons, activiites and games) (grammar games for all ages) (links to a range of spelling and grammar games and activites for KS2) (learner guides, videos and activities – KS1)

Science (covers all primary science topics and includes games, activities, videos, experiments and links to other websites) (links to science topics from R-Y6) (lots of activities, games, quizzes etc) (lots of science activities to do at home)

LOTS of educational science games) (space/ info/games) (more home science experiments) (science news – older children)



Humanities (links to all primary history topics and all the good websites – one-stop shop!)


All of the museums have great online stuff as well.



Re (educational RE games)



Music (KS1 music activities and resources) (KS2 music activities) (links to music apps and info for parents)



Arts / Crafts (lots of crafty activities to do at home) (easy crafts for home) (10 minute crafts) (art projects that can be done at home) (online colouring) (experiment and create online) (great website with online art projects) (many online art type activities).



PE (many fabulous exercise / relaxation/ fun activities to do indoors) (10 minute shake-up activities)




News and Interest (American, but has relevant and interesting stories from all over the world) (all the latest space news for 8 years and up) (daily news report on child friendly issue – one for LKS2 and UKS2 – weekly quiz)
 - has links to activities, sites etc for ALL topics