Welcome to Nanjizal Class. We are a mixed year 3 and 4 class which consists of 26 children, Mrs King our teacher and Mrs Forrest our Teaching Assistant.

Welcome back to the Spring Term.
This half term our topic is called 'Tremors'. Overwhelming and mighty, Mother Nature’s awesome energies hiss and roar deep within the Earth. Plates collide, spewing lava. Rocks rain down and mud slides in torrents. Towns and cities vanish under ashen clouds. We'll discover the dangerous and ferocious world of natural disasters, and glimpse their savage and deadly effects. We'll learn about the ancient city of historic Pompeii, frozen in time, then create blistering explosions from model volcanoes that fire foamy lava. We'll also discover the properties of rocks shaped by the Earth’s breathtaking power. Watch out! Volcanologists detect formidable rumblings from an extinct volcano in Scotland’s capital. Red alert! What would you do?
Spring 2nd Half
This half term our topic is called 'Playlists'. Shhh, what’s that noise? A bash? A crash? A shake, a rattle or a low, bass hum? Which do you prefer – an acoustic singer or a booming brass band? A solitary voice singing sweetly and quietly or a magnificent choir lifting the roof? Take out your ear plugs as you journey through the valley of sound and find out about instruments, the sounds they make and how they are produced. Discover how sounds are made and which sounds travel the furthest! Then, sing up and compose a class song for the local talent contest, Class Factor! Can you write a Number One hit? Be sure to stand up straight, warm up your voice and sing your heart out. When your performance is done, sit back and listen to calming classical melodies, a soothing lullaby or your favourite boy band ballad! Can you hear me over there? Or do I need to TALK MORE LOUDLY?