Hi, welcome to the first week of the new school year. Nanjizal Class includes both Year 3 and 4, which makes us all 7 or 8 (and soon to be 9) years old (with the exceptions of our teacher, Mr. Butterfield and Mrs Rendle, our teaching assistant). This term we are looking forward to our new topic all about food and digestion. I will include some outdoor activities in our learning, so if anyone is able to help us out on our adventures please let me know.

Time table

Please remember your sports kit for P.E. on a Tuesday and Dance on Thursday. Swimming starts on Friday 14th (the second week of term). There are after school sports clubs and activities most days. Homework is set twice a week and should be 15 minutes of really good effort, after that time please stop. Your spellings are due in on Thursday and the weekend homework is due Monday.

If you ever want to talk to me then the simplest thing is to talk to me before, or after school, however, if you would rather send an email then it's

 Where does my food go - food, nutrition and digestion

Autumn and harvest time is a good season for us to investigate what we eat and how we keep healthy. We will look at things that grow all around us; barley, wheat, apples and blackberries can be seen and used without going far at all. We will also visit a South West Water site to see how they ensure we all have clean water, something we take for granted, but people in other parts of the world are desperate for.

Outside of the classroom I expect everyone to read for pleasure, every night would be great, but I will be looking for 3 signed updates in the Reading Record each week. There is a spelling homework; out on Monday, back on Thursday, whilst the weekend homework goes out on Friday and is back on Monday. Please don't spend more than 15 to 20 minutes on your homework. If anything is either too easy, or too hard, then just let me know (perhaps you could write a note in the homework book, or in the reading record) so that we can sort something out nice and quickly. 

Reading is probably the most important skill for everyone in Nanjizal and enjoying a good book is the simplest and easiest way to practice and get better. Every child is different and enjoys different things, however, every child in the class must read at home and fill in their reading record. Some children will be on a reading scheme and some will be choosing their own books - as long as reading takes place I am happy to allow your child a choice over what they read and whether they read out loud, or to themselves.

The maths curriculum requires that children can answer questions and solve problems through reasoning and being fluent in maths. Therefore, in Nanjizal, we always make sure there is a mix between exploring ideas / thinking for yourself (using puzzles and problems) and targeted practice to make sure the fundamentals of adding / subtracting / dividing and multiplying are in place and secure. It is really important that you help the children with:

- times tables (not just 6 x 4 = 24, but also: how many 4s are in 24, 4 x ? = 24 and 24 / 4 = ?)
- number bonds to 100 (that is: if I have 45 how many more do I need to get to 100, which also allows me to solve; if I have 4.5 what do I need to make 10).
- place values (that is the digits in a number go up, or down, by x10 in each column , so 10x10 = 100 and 10x100 = 1000 etc.) 

..... and most importantly, if you are not sure then have a go and do your best.....
If they know these inside out and can use them fluently, then we can spend our time looking at at the more interesting questions!