Welcome to Nanjizal Class. We are a mixed year 2 and 3 class which consists of 14 children and our teacher, Mrs King.

Cycle A - Summer Term 
This term, our topic is called 'Prehistoric Britain'. Throughout this unit, the children will learn about prehistory in Britain, and how we find out about prehistory. They discover what life was like through each of the main time periods of the Stone Age, right through to the Iron Age. Children find out about how civilisation started, how agriculture became a huge driving force for things like stone circles to be built and how different metals such as bronze and iron changed the way we interacted with each other and created huge defensive earthworks that we can even see and walk today.
Cycle A Spring Term 
This term our topic is called ‘The Ancient Egyptians’. In this unit we will learn about the chronology of the Ancient Egyptians, about their civilised way of communicating through hieroglyphics, about some of their most significant gods and goddesses, about how and why they built pyramids, about their beliefs related to the afterlife, about how and why they mummified bodies and about their most well known pharaohs.
Cycle A Autumn Term
Hola Mexico!
'What makes Mexico
This unit is a comparative unit between where we live and Mexico. The children will use atlases and globes to discover about the world, including the seven continents and five oceans, the countries, capital cities and surrounding seas of the UK and the equator and poles. Children will develop fieldwork and map skills creating maps of the school and their local area. Children will learn the geographical human and physical features of Tulum in Mexico and compare them to the geographical features of their own local area. We will learn about Mexican culture, traditions and festivals. The children will make and taste traditional Mexican food, comparing it to well loved British food. In art, we will study about a famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo as well as well known local artists Barbara Hepworth and John Dyer.