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Hello and welcome to Porthcurno's page!

We are the school's Year 6 Class. We have 18 children in our class. Our teacher is Mr McDonald and we are lucky enough to have several teaching assistants. On Monday we have Miss Rowe, on Tuesday and Wednesday we have Mrs Thomas, with Mrs Wyatt on Tuesday afternoons and on Friday we have Miss Rowe again.

In Porthcurno Class we aim to create an immersive learning environment based on real learning. We work in a happy and fun learning environment and our education isn't just limited to the classroom!

Throughout the year we have so many different learning opportunities and we encourage our children to tackle things head on with confidence and self belief.

Keep checking our page for the latest news in Porthcurno class and what we have been up to!


Every morning we have English and Maths. In the afternoons we are joined by the year 5 class, Porthmeor. On Monday we have PE (so bring your kits) followed by a topic session. On Tuesday afternoon we have science and on Wednesday we have guided reading followed by art. On Thursday we have Dance and French. Friday is slightly different as we have swimming in the morning, remember your kit! In the afternoon we have the opportunity to do choir too!

Spring Term
This term we will be looking at a new topic: Journeys.
We have started to study an illustration only book called 'Journey' by Aaron Becker.  We have used his images to help inspire our own writing, and we have used work by Gary Provest to help us improve our sentence variation and the impact it has on the reader.
This term we will be looking at the different journeys that we make through life, whether it be journeys we make everyday, holidays or the journey our life takes us on.
We hope to setup workshops with Pirate FM and create our own radio shows based on our Career's Day.
This is another exciting term in which we will develop not only our academic knowledge, but our outlook on life and life after schooling.
Key Stage 2 SATs 2017
In May your child will sit their Key Stage 2 (KS2) SATs.  This will be an assessment of what they have learnt throughout their time in key stage 2.  This term we are doing some work in preparation towards that.  If you wish to revise at home - I recommend that you do - then the link below is a great resource to use.  Simply click on it and it will take you to what you need to revise!  When you open it you be taken to a PDF with different Maths objectives.  Click on any one that you need to revise, so personalise your own learning.  When you click on it some questions will appear.  If you are stuck, then there is a Youtube icon that you can click on, this will take you to a demonstration on what to do!
There are past papers, games and much more. 
I really encourage you to use this resource as often as possible.
Think, "What do I need to revise?" and go for it!
Our teacher, challenges and homework
Here you can find out more about our teacher.  You can also find our homework and any challenges our teacher may set us!
  • Mr Josh McDonald

    Class teacher, PE and ICT co-ordinator


    I started teaching at St Buryan Academy after completing my BEd in Primary Education at the University of Plymouth in 2011. My first class was in year 1, then after a year I moved to year 6. My current year 6 class were my very first class as year ones, so it has been a great journey seeing their first day in primary school up to their last day!
    The classroom is a safe and happy place as we believe that if our class is fun, then some top learning will take place. Myself and the other staff in year 6 strongly believe in developing the whole person and we recognise everybody's strengths in any field. We aim to equip children with the skills they need not just to succeed in primary school, but in life.
    I love teaching at St Buryan because of the opportunities available to the children here, I believe we offer things that no other primary school can. From workshops with Pirate FM to visits to London and Parliament to week long camps on the Isles of Scilly to our every day-to-day teaching.

Reading is such a skill and can be such an enjoyable past time.  Our reading helps our knowledge and allows us to develop our own creativity and thinking.  At primary school it is especially important and there are so many great books for you to read, including ones you can go back to over and over again.
I have attached a link to a guide that suggests books that all children should read by the time they finish primary school, there are 100 of them!  I wonder how many you have read, or how many more of them you can read before you leave St Buryan Academy.  Some of them are new books, some of them are classics and some of them are books you may have read when you were a lot younger - these ones are great fun to revisit.
2015/2016 - Here you can see website updates from last year.  There may be some useful links for you to look at
SATs 2016

The KS2 SATs for 2016, which our year 6 pupil's take, start on May 9th. You all have a timetable of the week, but here it is anyway:

Monday 9th May: English Reading Paper (1hour)

Tuesday 10th May: English Punctuation and Grammar Paper (45mins)

Spelling Paper (20mins approx.)

Wednesday 11th May: Maths Paper 1 Arithmetic (30mins)

Maths Paper 2 Reasoning (40mins)

Thursday 12th May: Maths Paper 3 Reasoning (40mins)

Each child has been given a revision pack. If you misplaced it or want to look, here it is...