Local Academy Committee

Meet our LAC
Mr Michael Payne
LAC Members
Mrs Diana Hardy
Mr Gary Anderson
Mrs Mandy Andrews
Staff Governor
Mrs Natasha Cross
Head of School
Mr Josh McDonald
Mrs Helen Peerless
LAC Meetings attended 2022/23

Mr Michael Payne - 4/4

Mrs Diana Hardy – 3/4

Mr Gary Anderson - 4/4

Mrs Mandy Andrews - 2/4

Mrs Natasha Cross - 4/4

Mr Josh McDonald - 4/4

To contact the Chair of the LAC please get in touch with the main office on:
Tel: 01736 688441
Email: info@leadingedgeacademies.org
For information regarding trustees and members of Leading Edge Academy Partnership, please view the Governance section of their website: https://www.leadingedgeacademies.org
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