Local Academy Committee

Meet our LAC
Mr Martin Murrish
Vice Chair
Mrs Diana Hardy
Dr Paddy Hersant 
Mrs Oona Connell
Mr David Forrest
Parent Representatives
Mrs Vicky Hall (elected)
Mrs Catherine Bolitho (appointed)
Staff Governor
Mrs Natasha Cross
Head of School
Mr Josh McDonald
Mrs Tina Care
*note that Dr Paddy Hersent and Mr Dave Forrest have family relations within our staff
LAC Meetings attended 2020/21
Mr Martin Murrish - 3/3
Mrs Diana Hardy - 3/3
Dr Paddy Hersant - 3/3
Mrs Oona Connell - 3/3
Mr David Forrest - 3/3
Mrs Vicky Hall - 3/3
Mrs Catherine Bolitho - 3/3
Mrs Natasha Cross -3/3
Mr Josh McDonald -3/3
Annual Statement of Local Academy Committee Impact 2021
Every year the Local Academy Committee evidence the impact that they have had on the development of the school in a written statement. 
The 2020/21 Statement of Impact will be published at the conclusion of the current school year.
For information regarding trustees and members of Leading Edge Academy Partnership, please view the Governance section of their website: https://www.leadingedgeacademies.org