Welcome to our lively Early Years Foundation Stage classrooms.

The adults in our classes are:

Mrs Joanna Kwiatkowska- teacher

Miss Georgia Good- Little Choughs supervisor

Mrs Marisa Burlton- Teaching Assistant (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri)

Mrs Sarah Wyatt- Teaching Assistant (Thur)

Everyone in Penberth Class and Little Choughs work, learn and play together. We have some sessions when we are split into specific focused activities appropriate for each stage and some when there is an open door policy with indoor and outdoor play environments accessible to all children.

We have spent the first weeks of settling in and getting to know each other. A big thank you to all the parents and carers for helping your children settle in with morning routines. We are also very grateful for help offered with swimming sessions, which prove to be a highlight of every week.

Our Autumn 1 topics are ‘All About Me’ and we are also observing the changes that Autumn season brings. Please feel free to contribute to these topics if you and your children would like to bring and share anything that is related.

Our Early Years education is based on and immersed in play based learning so while adults might think we are "just playing” we are actually learning and discovering the world around us in the most natural and fascinating way we know. Our interests and spontaneous curiosity informs a lot of the daily activities through being creative and inquisitive.

Please check out our picture gallery to see how busy we are every day.

Our last week has been busy, busy, busy...

Firstly, on Tuesday, Mrs Davey invited us very kindly to visit Fat Hen- the Wild Cookery School where we have learned about foraging for wild food. We have learned how to recognise and taste sorrel leaves and belly button leaves; we looked at badger holes and waded through thick mud but most importantly we picked 1.5 kilo of blackberries! Our snack break was at an exciting location of an ancient stone circle where we also run in circles (literally) and played hide and seek.

Back at the cookery school we chopped apples (kindly donated by Mrs Pascoe and Miss Good) and mixed crumble for the most delicious blackberry and apple crumble. Additionally, all children brought home a jar of blackberry and apple jam too! What a wonderful day of learning for all: small and big members of our class! A big thank you to Mrs Davey and Jackie for your hospitality, sharing your knowledge and patience.
On Wednesday the weather looked like we might get wet, but by the time we reached Trevaskis Farm it was lovely and sunny. Trevaskis Farm is a friendly, working farm with a restaurant and a shop full of local produce and fish, which Debbie and the staff told us about. Did you know that strawberry is the only fruit that has the seeds on the outside? And that tomatoes and cucumbers are fruit not vegetables? To Debbie’s astonishment our children knew those facts!

We walked around the farm looking at the crops grown and meeting the animals. You probably won’t be surprised to know that we have spent most time watching the little piglets play. Some of them were as young as just a week old! Our children pulled and picked some vegetables and the plan is to make a delicious soup back at school. Thank you Trevaskis Farm for having us.

Our children were very well behaved and sensible at both outings and I am very proud of each and every one of them.



Dear Parents,

With Christmas approaching we are preparing a short play, which you will be invited to see on Tuesday 6th December at 9.30am or Wednesday, 7th December at 1.30pm.

We are all very excited learning all the songs and I would be very grateful if you could help your child learn to sing those with clarity and confidence.


Happy New Year!  

Although Christmas might seem like a distant memory now, that the decorations have been put away and you still struggle to find space to accommodate all the presents that Santa brought. However, I have a little reminder of what a fantastic last week of school we have had with the fabulous performance of our version of the Nativity in Shine Star Sine; making presents and cards; Father Christmas visiting us and finally having a great party. Here are the pictures! 

Spring 1

During the first part of Spring Term we will continue our topic 'Once Upon A Time'. The stories we will study closer are: Jack and the Beanstalk, The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will also continue reading other classic and traditional stories.

As the weather gets colder we will also continue to observe the changing seasons with winter as focus. To extend this topic beyond what we cover in school you might like to also look closer and discuss the weather conditions and other changes in nature, as and when you are out and about with your children.


This week our children have learned basic gymnastic poses including: pencil, star, tuck and pike. They had to listen and watch carefully before following instructions of their teacher- Luke. Why don’t you ask your child if they can teach you these poses?


We also planned what we would like to learn to extend our knowledge and skill around The Gingerbread Man story. We had lots of fun writing a recipe for a gingerbread man and then used it to bake and decorate our own gingerbread boys and girls. Perhaps you could use our recipe at home to bake more delicious biscuits?  


Welcome back after the half term break. Our topic this half term will be focused on GROWING.

As the seasons change gently from winter to spring we will observe the changes that happen in nature around us. Children have already noticed that the colourful wellies, which we have planted last autumn, are now once more in bloom with new flowers. We plan to plant potatoes and cress and track their growth.

On Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes from scratch and ate them for snack. We also had great fun practising tossing them in the frying pan.

We are also planning to incubate eggs and observe how chicks hatch. We have been very kindly offered eggs for hatching and once the chicks are old enough they will go back to their coop. It was a great adventure visiting Penberth Cove to collect the eggs and the children can’t wait for the chicks now. It will take 21 days for the chicks to make an appearance so the virtue of patience will definitely be exercised greatly by all children and staff.


First days of SPRING have brought us very exciting event of the first chick hatching right in front of our eyes. On Monday afternoon children noticed that one of the eggs was moving so we hoped that it won’t be long before the chicks hatch. When we came to school this morning both eggs had a pipping hole cut through and we could hear a quiet chirping coming from the incubator. While Penberth children sat at an assembly the Little Choughs were extremely quiet listening to the cute noises. We kept checking regularly if there was any progress and many visitors came to see what is happening with eggs.

Finally, just as we were getting ready to settle for a story before home time, the crack in the egg became bigger and bigger and we waited patiently and quietly observing what would happen next. And… all of a sudden, right in front of our eyes, the chick pushed both halves of the shell apart and popped out!!! If only I knew how to describe the excitement that followed!!! We were so happy to share our new arrival with children from other classes and parents.

Hopefully our second chick will arrive safely too. As I left school this evening it has been chirping impatiently to join her/his friend.

If you haven’t yet seen our wonderful new chick please feel free to come and admire the miracle of new life. Our children love to welcome and talk to all curious visitors.



We have two lovely chicks now!


Our two chicks are growing happily. They have a good appetite and like to take short naps cuddling each other. They are very playful and enjoy the attention of all our school children and adults.



With Easter just round the corner we have had a visit from Max the house raised lamb. Our friendly local farming family brought Max in so we could learn about lambing. Max was born prematurely and has been lovingly looked after at home by Jago and his parents. He loved all the attention he was given by our children and we loved how gentle and patient he has been.

The day ended with an Easter Egg hunt and lots of maths working out how to divide the eggs equally between all the children.

Update on our chicks.
They are called Fluffy (the yellow one) and George (the black one). They are very happy in their home getting ready to join the big chicks but at the moment they have a lovely large enclosure so they are comfortable and safe. Just look how they have changed over the last two weeks!


We continue to learn about life cycles as we are now looking after some tadpoles and hoping to see their amazing transformation into frogs. We look after them and keep checking progress. Meanwhile we are busy making lots of frog related activities including learning The Frog Prince story. Please have a look at the gallery to see the artwork and story performance.

As the season changes we are also excited about growing variety of plants. We have beans, carrots and radishes on the go. It’s great to see the progress they make and hopefully we will have a delicious meal too. We are also looking forward to visiting a working farm soon, to see how things grow on a large scale and meet some farm animals too.


As the weather gets so lovely and sunny this term please remember that children should wear a hat and sun cream (applied before your child comes to school).

And here are more photographs of our many activities in the last weeks.


We have visited a working farm and learned about growing different crops. Mr and Mrs Bone have shown us how they grow carrots and cabbages, leeks and beans, strawberries and gooseberries, and many, many more fruit and vegetables. We saw where all these delicious food that we usually see on a supermarket shelves come from and how it grows. We even brought back some new potatoes, which we have helped dig out from the ground, and we washed and cooked them to eat at snack time. Delicious!!!! A big thank you to Harvey and his family for such fantastic afternoon.

Our tadpoles are changing into frogs rapidly now. Luke and Finn looked after them over the holidays and they have done such amazing job of it! Have a look at the photographs of the little black frogs, just before they got released into the pond which they came from.
 And check out how big George and Fluffy are now. Our chicks are all grow up. Awww....


It’s a picnic season! Inside and out. With real food and pretend food. This lovely sunny and warm weather just makes us all feel like a picnic. And there is no better food for a picnic than freshly dug up, home (school) grown new potatoes with just a smidge of butter!