• Mrs Joanna Kwiatkowska


    Firstly, I would like to welcome your child to the Early Years Foundation Stage and take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Mrs Joanna Kwiatkowska, but it might be easier to call me Mrs K- I don’t mind either way. I came to the UK over 20 years ago and made my home, which I share with my husband and two teenage children, here in Cornwall. I'm passionate about working with young children and believe strongly in child-centred approach to nurturing and teaching.

Welcome to our lively Early Years Foundation Stage classrooms.

The adults in our classes are:

Mrs Joanna Kwiatkowska- teacher 

Miss Georgia Good- Little Choughs supervisor

Mrs Sarah Wyatt- Teaching Assistant

Everyone in Penberth Class and Little Choughs work, learn and play together. We have some sessions when we are split into specific focused activities appropriate for each stage and some when there is an open door policy with indoor and outdoor play environments accessible to all children.

We have spent the first weeks of settling in and getting to know each other. A big thank you to all the parents and carers for helping your children settle in with morning routines. We are also very grateful for help offered with swimming sessions, which prove to be a highlight of every week.

Our Early Years education is based on and immersed in play based learning so while adults might think we are "just playing” we are actually learning and discovering the world around us in the most natural and fascinating way we know. Our interests and spontaneous curiosity informs a lot of the daily activities through being creative and inquisitive.

Please check out our picture gallery to see how busy we are every day.
Please remember to use Teach Your Monster to Read games to reinforce learning of phonics.

Our new Outdoor Learning facility is nearing completion therefore from October we would like to make more use of the newly developed outside area in all weathers. Therefore, could we please ask that you provide your child with a pair of wellington boots that they can keep in school at all times as we will change into them for outside play.

Our PE slot is on Wednesday and we ask that your child has a PE kit consisting of a t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls.

If you still haven’t done so, could I please ask that you purchase a school reading folder, available from Mrs Care’s office, so each child has a practical book bag. From next week we will start using the school library where children will learn how to choose and scan their own books. Please remember to put their library book into their reading folder on Thursdays.

On Mondays we will have a ‘show and tell’ afternoon. Children can bring an item that they can share and talk about with their friends and teachers. We love to see photographs (these can be e-mailed to me or posted on Tapestry); models and artwork completed at home; treasures found whilst out and about; or anything else that your child would like to show us.

Our trip to Trevaskis Farm
Trevaylor Woods
We enjoyed the walk through the woods, climbing over the tree roots, huge boulders and fallen trees. We collected autumnal treasures,  found the source of a stream coming out of the ground, squelched through mud, threw pooh sticks into the stream and showered ourselves and each other with golden leaves.
Mmmmm... Tasting a delicious pumpkin pie. It's a long standing tradition that Miss good makes a pumpkin pie for children (and teachers) in Early Years. 
We have rescued a hedgehog! This lovely prickly creature was found tangled in the cricket net on our playground. Steve had to cut the net to get him out and we looked after him until he was free of the net and checked by a vet. Then we released him back into the garden. Hopefully he or she will be avoiding the net now.
Now that we know that children in our classes really like pumpkin pie we have made lots of delicious pumpkin pies to take home. Lilianna grew an enormous pumpkin and we used it for our recipe. Mums who asked for the recipe can find it below.
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We were surprised and amazed by a sudden hail shower. It was fascinating to explore the cold, round stones. We collected as much of it as we could to include in our Arctic small world. Lots of exciting play and discussions regarding weather and formation of snow and hail followed. 
This second half of Spring  term has been full of excitement with unexpected snow days, which happen so rarely in our school. Exploring snow and making a snowman, which unfortunately only lasted for a couple of hours, was a great opportunity for team work. Also with chicks hatching and growing so fast that we had to make a bigger enclosure for them. And we still fit in all the other activities that help us learn while playing. 
Our trip to a beautiful garden looking at different signs of Spring.