Newsletter 09.09.16

9th September 2016

Dear parents and carers,

Welcome back to Autumn Term 2016. We hope that you have all enjoyed the long summer break and are ready for the many exciting opportunities planned for this term. A special welcome to anyone new to our school community including Mrs Kwiatkowska who is now teaching Penberth Class (Reception Year group).

Diary Dates: Autumn Term- 6.09.16-16.12.16

Parental Interviews- week beg. Monday 17th October

Autumn Half Term- 24-28.10.16

Christmas Shows- 6th, 7th Dec

Tuesday 6th December

9.30am: Penberth Class (R + Pre-R), Gwenver Class (Y1-2)

1.30pm: Nanjizal Class (Y3-4), Porthmeor Class (Y5)

Wednesday 7th December

9.30am- Nanjizal Class (Y3-4), Porthcurno Class (Y6)

1.30pm- Penberth Class (R- Pre-R), Gwenver Class (Y1-2)

7pm- Porthmeor Class (Y5), Porthcurno Class (Y6)

Attendance matters: I would like to take this opportunity to draw all parents attention to the following extract from our SBA Attendance Policy- available on school website under PARENTS drop down menu, then please click POLICIES

Requests for Leave of Absence in Exceptional Circumstances

‘Absence for anything other than through illness or medical reasons during term time is actively discouraged.

Parents requesting time out of school for their child during term time should obtain a ‘Leave of Exceptional Absence ’request form from the school office before booking a family holiday.

The DfE has published Pupil Registration Regulations which relate to Holidays in Term Time. The amendments make clear that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The Headteacher will define ‘exceptional circumstances’ and also determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if the leave is granted.

Leave of absence will not be granted during September to ensure that pupils have a settled start to the new school year nor in May when all classes have their annual assessments.’

Whilst I can appreciate the problems some parents experience when planning to book a holiday I would ask you to consider the implications of your decision. Often parents, thinking of their own child/ren, fail to appreciate how difficult things become for our teachers when the dynamics of their classes are constantly changing as children are taken out of school to holiday during term-time. Thank you.

Keeping Active during the holidays- We would like to offer congratulations to the following children who completed the 2 mile St Levan Fun Run this year. Well done to Morvah, Dominic B, Tobias, Cassius, Jago M, Arthur, Albert, Joby, Jenna and Cerys M - a fantastic turnout, representing 10% of our pupils, whose achievement was shared during our first whole school assembly when we discussed the importance of keeping active.

AGM-Friends of the School PTA: All parents are members of the Friends of the School who organize an Autumn and Summer event to raise funds for much needed equipment that will benefit all children in school. This year we will are hoping to buy additional books for the library (which the children have requested) as well as other suggestions made by our school parliament. Anyone interested in finding out more is welcome to come along to the AGM which will be held at the school on Monday 26th Sept at 2.30pm.

Extra-Curricular Activities; Breakfast Club from 8am all week- last food orders 8.40amMonday- Construction Club (Y1-2) until 4pm, Let’s Get Cooking (Y5/6) - first group selected will have received details-until 4.15pmTuesday- High 5s (Y3-6), Homework Club (Y3-6) until 4.15pm Wednesday- KS2 Ball Skills (Y3-6) until 4.15pm, KS1 Ball Skills (Y1-2) until 4pm                                      

Thursday- Football Club (Y3-6) until 4.15pm

Activities R Us – Short Stay Session to 4.15pm only £2.00 full session until 5.30pm £4.00

Monday           Ball Games

Tuesday           Crafts with Kathy       

Wednesday     Board Games 

Thursday         Painting          

Friday              Baking            

Other activities run alongside the ones listed above. Healthy snack included in session fee.

J.Pascoe   Headteacher