What does well-being at SBA look like?

Happy children and staff are key to a successful school.
We take everyone's mental well-being seriously and treat everyone with respect.
Whether you're a child, member of staff or any other member of our valued school community, we want to support you in being happy and safe.
This part of our website will be updated regularly and will include ways to support your own mental and physical well-being.
If you have any photos or examples of any of the suggested activities, then feel free to email them to head@stburyanacademy.org so that they can be added to our photo gallery.
At school we promote a positive well-being in many ways, often incorporated and woven within our daily lessons.  We recognise that happy children and staff leads to a happy place to be and somewhere where the best learning can take place.
Well-being is covered in many ways at St Buryan Academy, whether it be from supporting children within interventions, assemblies, Mindfulness sessions, our commitment to 90minutes of extra outdoor learning each week, our outdoor play area and garden space, the way our curriculum is structured, our school meals, our commitment to become an Eco-School and just how we treat each child with the respect, understanding and nurturing provision that they deserve as well as much, much more.