What is our Pupil Leadership Team (PLT)?

What is our Pupil Leadership Team (PLT)?
Our PLT is new for 2021/22!
After the success of our Head Pupils (as voted for by our children) over the last couple of years, we have decided to branch out further and form a Pupil Leadership Team.
As well as our Head Pupils we also run our Council, who meet regularly meet to discuss school improvement; our House Captains, who represent our house teams (Godrevy, Longships, Tater-Du and Wolf Rock); our High5 team, who help children out on the playground with friendships and more and our Eco-Committee, who are working toward our 'Plastic-Free School' status and take care of our garden project.
Children can nominate themselves or each other for roles within our PLT.
This section of the website is dedicated to them and all that they do.
Head Pupils
Congratulations to Jack and Mara who will lead our PLT for 2021/22.
Jack and Mara were voted as Head Pupils by the children of the school after they nominated themselves for the role. 
Our Head Pupils are trusted with responsibilities around the school and are involved in school or community events.
School Council
Our School Council members put themselves forward to be voted for by their classmates.  Each year group from Year 2-6 (Year 1 will have a council member later in the year) have a member of council who meet with Mrs Rendle.  They play an important role in our Pupil Voice and help drive the school forward.
Our 2021/22 team are:
Year 2 - Jack
Year 3 - Georgia
Year 4 - Zola
Year 5 - Evie
Year 6 - Felix
High 5 Members
Our High 5 Members are children that have been nominated as great role models and representatives of the school.  The team will help ensure all is well on the playground and throughout the school, be trusted with responsibilities and perhaps most importantly: be great friends, listeners and be there for children who need them.
Our High 5 Members for 2021/22 are:
Rupert, Poppy, Harvey, Florence, Grace and Kiona (the list will be added to throughout the year)
House Captains
We have four 'house teams' in our school, all of which are named after local lighthouses.
Our House Captains represent their teams in sporting events, House Days and much more.
House Captains put their names forward and are voted for by the other children within their house.  Year 5s and Year 6s can volunteer themselves.
Our House Captains for 2021/22 are:
Godrevy - Harry and Maeve
Longships - Jack and Layla
Wolf Rock - Evie and Isaak
Tater-Du - Finn and Lily